SE-VIT, an amphibian ultra light aircraftTwo in one, both land and sea

Bohena AB is the distributor in the Nordic market for the Italian Flysynthesis aircraft.  In corporation with Flysports we will also provide training in flying on the sea, for those who need to upgrade their license, or perhaps need to start flight training from the beginning.

The first plane on stage will be an amphibian version of the Storch CL. It is the first ultra light with amphibian floats that has an empty weight under 325kg, including radio and transponder.  

The Storch is very popular in Italy where more then 300 are flying. Easy to fly and is used by many ULM flight schools. Depending on model it is powered by a Rotax 582 64 Hp , Jabiru 2200 80 Hp or a Rotax 912 80 Hp.

The plane is built according to the VLA (Very Light Aircraft) standards that are the specifications for aircraft with a maximum weight of 750 kg, though will be registered as an ultra light seaplane with a maximum weight of 500kg. 

Check for technical specifications and read more under  manufacturing below to see the difference between the wheel version and the amphibian version. Another good site is the Australian reseller,
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  Photos form the Boat Show

New photos from Fly-In in June 2004
New photos from  July 2004
Flight August 28, 2004 at Barkarby airport
 Flight in the fall at Barkarby Airport
Manthos, a new ultralight and photos from Aero 2005 in Friedrichshafen
New amphibian on Aero 2010
Photos and price of the new Catalina NG
Newsletter from Flysynthesis Introducing a new Trike and the new Catalina

Photos and more information:

- Photos and price of the new Catalina NG

- Storch Amphibian (the ultimate plane for land and sea)

- Storch HS (the best wheel machine you can get)

- Texan (looks and feels like a normal class plane)

- Kit (180 hours to build your own plane)

- Landing (full stop in 75 meter)

- Manufacturing (almost only composite material)

- Price list and other documents


Two in one, Sea and Land

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The most silent plane in Sweden, only 42 dB

Without door when Para jumping and Photographing

The new Catalina NG

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