Karpathos 2006

The visit this year was most about walking, beach and party. Late to bed and up early for a long walk and then resting at the beach until it all started over again. At the end we spent two days at Rhodes so you get som photos from there too.

- Coming in
- Elias rooms, a good place to stay (check it out at www.eliasrooms.com)
- Birthday, our friend Mikke Vendel
- Parents, Mimis took us to visit his Parents house
- Walking, It was a lot of walking and blisters
- Beach, mostly photos of Mikke Vendel diving
- Pelagos 1, Kalimera party and more
- Pelagos 2, Last night at Karpathos
- Film from Pelagos with music and dance
- Leaving
- Rhodes, photos from old town and Mango Rooms where we stayed

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