Autogiro, Autogire, Auto-gyro, Gyroplane, Gyrokopter


What ever you call it, it is fun, easy to fly and you can still be flying when the wind prevents your Tirke and Fixed wings buddies to fly.
40 knots (20 m/s) is not a problem for this machine. When did you last time say,
"Yes it is a bit ruff out today, lets fly"

It is like a helicopter but the price is even lower then the price of an Ultra light fixed
wing plane.

News: A new company based in Orsa, Sweden is the new distributor of the MT03 for the Scandinavian market
Check it out here!

Photos from the factory of the MT03 Gyro and the flight school nearby in Germany

- Flying Red
- Flying Yellow
- Ground
- Detail
- Factory

- 5 minutes movie

(click on the small arrow to the left for a slideshow)


- MT03 homepage
- Thomas Kiggen flight school
- UK distributor of MT03
- French Autogiro site
- Introductions to flying autogyros
- Sportcopter
- American autogyro

- Another plane

Or why not try this one, click here
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